In the shadows of time, where energies intertwine and fantasies come alive, I extend to you an invitation to indulge in a world of darkness & delights.

This invitation is an exploration of your most lush and alluring desires, a chance to delve into the depths of sensuality, liberation and self exploration.

Your journey begins now…

I am Lady Sapphira and I share with you my gifts and offerings of which may be tailored to your desires.

A menu of enchanting decadence, each offering carefully crafted to indulge both the mind and body.

Whether it be the gentle caress of silk against your skin, the sting of a whip, or the intoxicating dance of power exchange, the choice is yours.

A menu of enchanting decadence, each offering carefully crafted to indulge both the mind and body.

BDSM & Kinky Fetish

Enter the dark side and let your eroticism expand while you are fully in my control. Be free to express your wants and desires and embrace the vulnerability in a place designed to fulfill your every need.

Are you ready to let go, surrender & receive intense pleasure?


Dive into a world of passion, light bondage, and sensory delight, where you can escape the outside world and surrender to a unique, sensual ending. Guided by my slow, conscious movements and gentle caresses as you let go and embrace the blissful, boundary-expanding sensations.

Erotic Massage

Indulge in a deeply relaxing and sensual experience and awaken long forgotten sensations. You will enter my serene enchanting space, recline on a plush table, breathing in fragrant essential oils while skillful strokes and caresses with warm oil focus entirely on your pleasure.

Sometimes a woman’s darkness is a man’s only salvation.


Enter the world of unknown desires with a seductive mix of BDSM and erotic massage. Surprising sensations await within my calming but mysterious space. Fulfill your kink desires whilst opening up to a whole new level of physical release and emotional surrender culminating in a fully embodied experience.


An enticing mix of bondage, BDSM and sensual dominance that will allow you to explore kinks and fantasies as you submit to a highly seductive session. I tease & play into your kinks /fetishes while you are helplessly bound to my bondage mat. With full access to your body, I can lead you to full submission through a highly seductive encounter from head to toe.

Your pleasure belongs to me.

I’ve put together an outline for each session to make it easier for you to pick the service you’re interested in exploring. Feel free to ask any extra questions in the booking form.

When we first meet, you can expect a warm welcome and a quick chat to help ease any nerves and take a moment to relax together. While I do enjoy adding a touch of surprise, my main goal is to ensure you feel completely comfortable and at ease.

I’ll also show you the space we’ll be using and give you a sneak peek of what I’ve prepared before we kick off the session. This is a great opportunity for us to discuss any last-minute ideas or preferences before we get started.

Upon meeting I like to have a clear understanding of your limits and will seek to understand your needs. I always ask pertinent questions to understand your thresholds and expectations as a bottom for safe engagement.

It’s important to get acquainted in the first session, this is not a time to push you to your absolute limits ; rather, take a more subtle approach and feel into your edges through safe progressions.

I will provide you the safe word to use and regularly check in to ensure you are comfortable to continue or if you prefer to stop, that is ok. Aftercare is essential for both parties and is incorporated into every session.

Dependant on your health concerns, it may not be safe to play, I can assess your needs and may offer suggestions to alter the experience to meet your needs. I provide safer services by practicing an impeccable high level of hygiene both personal and in preparing my space.

All tools and implements are thoroughly cleaned above the industry standards of practice. I use appropriate coverage such as condoms, dental dams and nitrel gloves with safe, compatible products.

The services I provide may alter your state of consciousness and heart rate thus it is paramount I am made aware of any known health conditions or allergies you may have. You must follow my directions to prepare yourself prior to the session. I am CPR & AED certified and will act accordingly to ensure you receive the appropriate care should an emergency arise.